Changing the way you
hit record.

Recordical® is designed to be simple without sacrificing style or quality, giving content creators the tools they need to make audio magic.

You inspired the difference.

In 2022 , we asked nearly 1,400 creators who use audio about their pain points, needs, dreams, and goals. This is how the Meet the Creators Report came to be. Our conversations with creators revealed a variety of barriers stopping them from recording the kind of quality audio they needed to reach new heights.

You need high-value and high-quality recording resources.

Over 60% of the creators we surveyed shared that their budget does not allow them to invest properly in audio creation. Over 50% of them said they had trouble accessing high-quality equipment. When we looked at the options, the gap became glaringly obvious. Recording studio options are on two extremes — they either come at a premium without a guarantee of quality, or they scale way down on quality and support in order to offer a more competitive rate.

A new way to hit record.

We designed Recordical Studios to bridge the gap with eye-catching aesthetics, state-of-the-art equipment, and souped-up tech that gives you full independence with a safety net of support. Our studios are fully equipped with a RØDECaster Pro II, four Shure SM7Bs, Sony headphones, and individual headphones amps. All you have to do is walk in and focus on making audio magic (and capturing snazzy #BTS content).

The world is your studio.

But recording great audio doesn’t always happen in-studio (no matter how stylish that studio is). In fact, a majority of respondents said they have a hard time getting access to high-quality recording equipment. We knew it would be important to demystify the process of finding quality equipment while also making it portable enough to record audio from anywhere.

Equipment rental reimagined.

We decided to pack a studio-for-one into a suitcase to inspire you to capture audio on-the-go. With our Recordical Unboxed smart lockers, renting equipment takes a click and a swipe, all from the Recordical Booking app. Coming soon to existing Recordical Studios locations.

Quality matters. So does monetization.

Around 40% of the creators say they love to create content but face challenges when building and growing their audience. And nearly 40% say they’re planning to monetize their content. When you create content as a side hustle, the little time you have to promote your content must be spent intentionally. Creators are seeking resources that provide quick and efficient solutions to growing and monetizing their audio.

We all need community.

For nearly 50% of the survey respondents, building a stronger community was something they’d want to improve about audio creation. Immersing yourself in sound can become an isolating experience, but it doesn’t have to be.

A space built to unite, teach, and support audio creators.

All our membership tiers include complete access to exclusive content and webinars on how to build and grow your audience. We offer actionable advice and a feedback loop with our audio experts to help you turn the volume up on your audio. The Recordical community welcomes passionate creators from all walks of audio like podcasting, streaming, production, and voice acting. Plug into this diverse community to find collaborators, guests, and other like-minded artists.

You deserve ease and empowerment.

It’s simple – you focus on your content, we’ve got everything else covered. Your Recordical membership provides ease of mind. From a well-equipped space to resources for your sound to thrive, we’ve built a launchpad for your hustle.

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