Recordical Studio Rules


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Please refer and adhere to the following rules when using a Recordical Studio:

No Food or Beverages

Food is not permitted inside the studio. Beverages are not allowed, other than water; however, water must be kept in covered containers. Alcohol is prohibited.

No Smoking

Smoking and vaping are not permitted in the studio. If evidence of smoking or vaping is found during or after your reservation, you are responsible for all damage caused by the smoking and you and your guests may be required to immediately vacate the studio without refund of any kind.

Cleaning and Repairs

You are responsible for cleaning the studio after your reservation period, which includes wiping down surfaces and placing all trash in the appropriate containers outside of the studio. You agree to leave the Studio in a suitable condition for use by other members upon the conclusion of your reservation period. For more on how to leave the studio, refer to the Recordical Studios Wrap-Up Guide.

You will be charged for any excessive cleaning expenses incurred by Recordical following your departure.

No Pets

No pets or animals, other than service animals, are permitted in the Studio.

For full studio rules and member expectations, view the Recordical Membership Agreement, Code of Conduct, and Community Guidelines.

Table of Contents

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