Recordical™ Community Guidelines


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Welcome, Recordheads!

Discover the power of audio through community as a Recordical member. Resonance with audio is what unites us as Recordheads. The very nature of sound demands that it be heard; it cannot thrive without a community. That’s why we designed Recordical Digital to connect you with creators from all walks of audio who you can grow with, inspire, and learn from. But that can only happen when we honor each other through respect, kindness, and good will.

The following guidelines will help keep our platform safe and fun for everyone.


The mission of the Recordical Community is to dissolve the barriers that divide audio creators, so that they can produce high-quality audio with peer review and support, exchange of ideas, and constant inspiration. 


Yield the power of audio with intention and empathy to empower ourselves and others.

Community Goals

The following goals will guide you to create quality audio while empowering others on their journeys. 


Upload your content for all members to enjoy. Contribute to social group discussions and forums for constructive feedback from your peers.


Check out the audio creations of other creators and share with others you know will also enjoy. 


The possibilities of audio are endless, especially with others. Brainstorm in collaboration with other audio creators as a form of mutual expansion.


Take the lead in creating the audio community of your dreams. You’re the ambassador of your audio. The onus to build community around your content lies with you. Recordical is the launchpad for your dreams to take off. 


Make this experience your own by sharing your feedback and suggestions on your Recordical experience. 

Member Conduct Policy

Lastly, as a condition of your Recordical Membership Agreement, you agree to uphold the Membership Code of Conduct while using the Studio, Unboxed, and Digital. The code of conduct prohibits members from recording hate speech, inciting violence, or making offensive, racist, or profane recordings and comments on community platforms. Recordical can immediately terminate a member’s subscription without refund if their actions go against our Code of Conduct. To report an incident of misconduct, contact support.

Table of Contents