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Make the Most of Your Membership

Book Studio Time

Book time at a Recordical Studio to create high-quality audio with state-of-the-art equipment and a souped-up aesthetic.

Access Premium Content

Access Recordical Digital for members-only content and courses about monetizing audio, growing your audience, and much more.

Meet the Community

Plug into a community of creators from all walks of audio. Make friends, find collaborators, and meet mentors on Recordical Digital.

Get Engineer Support

Book time with a Recordical Engineer to manage recording sessions and/or help you master the art of audio. Available only to Lyrical and Classical members.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Recordical?

Recordical is a platform designed to empower you to make audio magic. Record high-quality audio in our studios, gain access to exclusive content on audio creation and growth, rent on-the-go recording equipment, and plug into a diverse audio community. With high-value membership plans, Recordical puts high-quality audio within your reach.

Who is Recordical for?

Recordical is for every kind of creator who uses audio. Whether you consider yourself an audio creator or not, if audio is core to making your content shine, we do! It is for podcasters, streamers, video influencers, musicians, voice actors, producers – anyone with a passion for high-quality audio.

How do I sign up for a Recordical membership?

Recordical memberships are currently available by invitation only. Join the membership waitlist to receive an invitation when they become available. You can also request a Recordical location near you. Don’t forget to also sign up for our newsletter to receive email updates and announcements.

Where are Recordical Studios located?

Our first studio is located in Downtown Atlanta and only open to our pilot group of members. More Studios and Unboxed smart lockers are on the way! Eager to get going? Request a Recordical location near you.

Does Recordical offer a digital membership?

Yes! Every membership tier can be flexed as a digital-only membership. Whether or not you have a Recordical Studio or Unboxed smart locker nearby, you can use Recordical Credits to purchase premium digital content including mini-courses and eBooks, book virtual sessions with a Recordical Engineer for training and/or advice, and register for limited-capacity virtual events. And, of course, every membership comes with unlimited access to Recordical Digital, where you’ll join a diverse community of creators from all walks of audio.

Does Recordical have a free tier?

No, but we do offer everyone access to The Recordical Orbital, which features both free and paid content to help creators grow through quality audio. The Orbital’s free content will get you started with topics including resource planning, audio content creation, cultivating community, growth and promotion, and monetization.

Do my credits roll over if I don't use them?

No, credits don’t roll over from one month to the next. We have plenty of ways to use your credits each month, including online courses, workshops, and events through the Recordical Digital community.

Can my co-hosts or collaborators use my membership?

Memberships are non-transferrable and each Studio session or Unboxed rental must be made and attended/managed by the member whose name is on the account. That’s how we keep our community, resources, and equipment safe and in tip-top shape for all members.

Are Recordical Studios wheelchair accessible?

Yes! Recordical Studios are fully ADA compliant in order to accommodate audio creators across the full spectrum of mobility.

Don’t see your question here? Visit the Knowledge Base to find even more answers.

Want a studio near you?

We’re rolling out Recordical Studios and Recordical Unboxed across the U.S. Help us pick the next location by adding your city to the request list.

Recordical wins the Power Platform Award

at the 2024 NEXT Challenge for Media & Journalism! This award and accompanying grant from the Glen Nelson Center celebrates our mission to empower creators and transform the creator economy. Read more to see how this win propels us to new heights in supporting your creative journey!