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Get to know audio's independent trailblazers and what motivates them.

This groundbreaking Meet the Creators Report by Recordical® delivers invaluable insights into the world of independent audio creators, featuring data collected from an unprecedented survey of nearly 650 U.S. audio creators. Seize the opportunity to keep pace with the rapidly evolving landscape and download the report today.

In this insightful report, you'll learn about:

  • Demographics

    Visualized breakdowns of audio creators' race, gender, and age

  • Monetization

    If, and how, independent creators monetize their audio content​

  • Motivation

    What compels creators to make audio content

  • Use of audio

    How independent creators use audio

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at the 2024 NEXT Challenge for Media & Journalism! This award and accompanying grant from the Glen Nelson Center celebrates our mission to empower creators and transform the creator economy. Read more to see how this win propels us to new heights in supporting your creative journey!