Become the of your dreams.

Unlock access to fully-equipped recording studios, studio-in-a-suitcase equipment rentals, premium content, and a diverse audio community.

Become the of your dreams.

Unlock access to high-quality recording studios, equipment rentals, and premium content.​

why recordical?

Changing the way you hit record.

We’re podcasters, songwriters, producers, musicians, and audio creators like you. We can relate. Studio time is expensive. Finding the right audio equipment is daunting. Meeting the right collaborators is like hitting a jackpot. Recordical dissolves those barriers, giving you access to high-quality studios, on-the-go equipment rentals, and a member-exclusive platform with courses, resources, and community. All in one membership that meets you where you are.

How It Works

We make it easy to go pro.

Recordical Studios

Our Studios are fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment like the RØDECaster Pro II™, Shure SM7Bs and Sony headphones. Snazzy and comfortable, one studio can accommodate up to four people.

Recordical Digital

Home to a diverse community of creators, and our slate of premium content, including The Recordical Orbital. Access courses, insights, and virtual events on all things audio.

Recordical Unboxed

Want to record quality audio remotely? Rent our studio-in-a-suitcase from smart lockers to create sound you resonate with, from anywhere. Coming soon to a Recordical near you.


Your Sonic Oasis Awaits

  1. Stylish aesthetic features bright colors, warm vibes, and a professional backdrop
  2. Custom Recordical broadcast table hides wires and makes the space camera-ready
  3. Equipped with the best-in-the-biz RØDECaster Pro II for seamless recording, live streams, and audio mixing
  4. Individual headphone amps to empower everyone to control their volume
  5. Four iconic Shure SM7B microphones ready to record
  6. Four comfortable bucket chairs that minimize noise and maximize comfort, even for long stretches of recording

Want a Recordical Studio near you?

We’re rolling out Recordical Studios and Recordical Unboxed across the U.S. Help us pick the next location by adding your city to the list.