Monetization AMA with Michelle Khouri

29 Nov

Monetization AMA with Michelle Khouri

Maybe you’ve seen her in the Ways to Monetize Your Audio mini-course, but now the Founder and CEO of Recordical and FRQNCY Media is coming to you live – and going even deeper. Have you been wondering how to bring on bigger sponsors and advertisers? The best approach to offering paid subscriptions and exclusive content? What to do if you’re allergic to the idea of monetization in general? This is a rare chance to ask Michelle anything and – dare we say it – pick her brain about all things related to monetizing your work.

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Recordical wins the Power Platform Award

at the 2024 NEXT Challenge for Media & Journalism! This award and accompanying grant from the Glen Nelson Center celebrates our mission to empower creators and transform the creator economy. Read more to see how this win propels us to new heights in supporting your creative journey!