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FRQNCY Media Debuts Recordical®, A Groundbreaking Membership Platform for Independent Audio Creators, Releases In-Depth Industry Report

Industry Writer Shreya Sharma to Spearhead New Audio Currents Newsletter

Atlanta, GA –  Today, FRQNCY Media, the three-time award-winning branded podcast production company behind TurboTax, NEA, Coca-Cola, Jane Goodall, and others, announced the launch of its new consumer-facing brand, Recordical®. Recordical is a first-of-its-kind membership platform designed to empower creators worldwide to make high-quality audio content with smart studios, self-service equipment lockers, and an ever-growing library of digital resources.

Recordical’s credits-based membership offers unparalleled access to audio equipment, studios, and resources for independent content creators, including video influencers, streamers, podcasters, musicians, voice actors, and producers.

“At FRQNCY, we’re passionate about helping brands bring their ideas to life through exceptional audio content. Recordical is the next step in that mission – it allows us to support independent creators who are looking to express themselves, build a side hustle, or turn their content into a primary income stream,”

Michelle Khouri (she/her), CEO and Founder of FRQNCY Media and Recordical

Recordical’s first smart studio and equipment lockers are currently open and available in Atlanta. Creators outside of Metro Atlanta can join the Recordical waitlist to request a location in their city and help influence where Recordical Studios and Recordical Unboxed equipment lockers will roll out in the coming months.

Introducing Audio Currents

Recordical is further serving its mission with the launch of a free twice-weekly newsletter called Audio Currents which is designed to keep audio creators, enthusiasts, and industry leaders up-to-date on the latest audio trends and developments. Audio Currents is the brainchild of Shreya Sharma (she/her), a renowned writer in the podcast industry who most recently wrote Inside Podcasting, which boasts one of the industry’s largest subscriber bases. With Sharma at the helm, the publication achieved remarkable strides in establishing itself as a leading source of insightful analysis and news in the podcast industry. Every Tuesday and Friday, Audio Currents will deliver the global audio industry news, feature interviews with top creators, think pieces from industry leaders, new audio releases, and resources for creators, all with Sharma’s signature wit and perspective.

“I am thrilled to expand my experience and passion for audio storytelling beyond podcasting with Recordical and Audio Currents,” says Sharma, who also develops content for Recordical’s members-only digital platform.

“As someone who has been immersed in the podcast industry for years, I understand  the singular value  of a platform that not only informs but also empowers creators to tell meaningful  stories across all audio verticals. Audio Currents is just the beginning, and I am excited to work with Recordical to provide even more valuable resources and insights to creators.”

Shreya Sharma, Writer of Audio Currents, Content Writer at Recordical

Releasing Meet the Creators Report

In addition to Audio Currents, Recordical is releasing Meet the Creators, a report that details key findings from nearly 1,400 audio creators surveyed in 2022. In an effort to gain insight into audio creators across various verticals, and better serve and amplify creators. Recordicals’ Meet the Creators Report identifies who is making audio content in the U.S. and why they do it. The report, which can be downloaded for free here, sheds light on the vast diversity among creators, as well as the high demand for access to quality creation and monetization tools.

According to the Meet the Creators Report, respondents who create audio content as either their primary income or side hustle were much more prevalent among minority communities, including Black and Latino/Hispanic respondents. Furthermore, more than 50% of audio creators aged 25+ make audio content as a way of building community. 

Khouri, a first-generation American Latina who comes from a long line of entrepreneurs, innovators, and musically-minded people, points to her background as a major impetus for this idea: “Success begins with access. And that’s how Recordical is poised to level the playing field – by opening up access to quality tools, information, and community, unlike anything we’ve seen in the audio industry.”

For more information about Recordical and to sign up for the waitlist, please visit recordical.com. To sign up for Audio Currents, visit recordical.com/audiocurrents.


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Veronica Montes

About Recordical®

Recordical® is a first-of-its-kind multifaceted membership platform for audio creators. Our credits-based membership empowers creators worldwide to make high-quality audio content with smart studios and equipment lockers, alongside a Masterclass-level library of digital content. With Recordical, we believe that every creator should have access to the tools they need to bring their audio creations to life, no matter their background or location. Powered by the award-winning team of audio experts at FRQNCY Media.

About FRQNCY Media

FRQNCY Media is a three-time award-winning, concept-to-completion audio production company known for its full-service and immersive approach to audio for brands like Spotify, Coca-Cola, Intuit, Vox, The Jane Goodall Institute, Diane von Furstenberg, and more. FRQNCY’s core mission is to heal, enlighten, and uplift through the power of sound and create a workplace fueled by joy and balance for those fulfilling that mission. https://frqncy.media