We make it easy to make audio magic.​

Recordical’s wonderland of offerings are available through a credits-based membership. One credit equals 30 minutes of audio bliss or 1 Recordical Buck to access members-only content and events.

Flex your cred

Open doors with Recordical Credits

1 Recordical Credit = 30 minutes of studio or equipment box time, or 1 unit of Recordical currency to unlock members-only premium content like courses, ebooks, and special events series. Pick the membership tier that gives you the number of credits you need each month to reach your fullest potential.


Recordical Studios

Our studios feature state-of-the-art tech and recording equipment including the RØDECaster Pro II™, four Shure SM7Bs, Sony headphones, and individual headphone amps. Roomy enough to accommodate four people, cozy enough for one.


Recordical Digital

Explore premium content on The Recordical Orbital to gain advice and insights on creating high-grade professional audio. Plug into a diverse community of creators, friends, and collaborators on our platform built for connecting.


Recordical Engineers

Need a little extra support? We got you. Engage one a Recordical Engineers to make your audio sing. Book a one-on-one training session, or read their advice on how to create amazing sound in our Knowledge Base.


Recordical Unboxed

Coming soon to the Recordical universe. Rent our studio-in-a-suitcase from Recordical Unboxed smart lockers to record audio from anywhere. Reserve through the Recordical Booking app, pick up within seconds from one of our smart lockers, and hit record.

Recordical For All

Recordical’s high-value and high-quality solutions are created to make your audio stand out, no matter the medium.


Elevate the quality of your podcast to grow your audience and monetize your content, while connecting with fellow podcasters and potential future guests.


Create excellent live content with ease, dazzle followers with the souped-up studio setting, and learn how to grow and engage with your audience on- and off-stream.

Video Influencer

Enhance your videos with pristine audio, use our gorgeous studio backdrop for more behind-the-scenes content, and record great audio on-the-go.


Record audio that puts your talent and style on center stage, engage with other vocalists, instrumentalists, and musicians, and learn how to build a captive audience of supporters.

Voice Actor

Focus on your art and give your voice the spotlight it deserves, while networking with potential clients and collaborators from all walks of audio.


Make quality production seamless, dazzle top-tier guests with our snazzy studios, and plug into a diverse community of audio creators.



8 credits

Perfect for creators who are starting out or those who create audio in bursts.


12 credits

Perfect for creators who consistently use audio with their content and are looking to turn up the volume on quality and growth.


24 credits

Perfect for creators who work with audio in big ways and are looking to level-up their sound.

Recordical is coming. Want to see a studio near you? Request it!

We’re rolling out Recordical Studios and Recordical Unboxed across the U.S. Help us pick the next location by adding your city to the request list.

Recordical wins the Power Platform Award

at the 2024 NEXT Challenge for Media & Journalism! This award and accompanying grant from the Glen Nelson Center celebrates our mission to empower creators and transform the creator economy. Read more to see how this win propels us to new heights in supporting your creative journey!