FAQs: Recordical at Reflection


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What exactly is Recordical?

Recordical is a credits-based membership for audio creators. We’re on a mission to empower creators worldwide with smart studios and equipment lockers, alongside a Masterclass-level library of digital content. Recordical offers three membership tiers for general members, and also partners with buildings, like Reflection, to offer exclusive memberships to their residents.

Does the free Recordical membership included with my lease grant me access to full Recordical membership benefits?

No. Your free membership only gives you unlimited access to the Recordical Studio in your building and our members-only blog. You can always upgrade your membership to get access to the full network of Recordical Studios, mini-courses, digital workshops, engineer support, and on-the-go recording equipment.

How do I access the Recordical Studio at Reflection?

Once you’ve successfully signed up for your membership, you will be prompted to download the Recordical Booking app. You’ll use this app to book studio time, and if you upgrade your membership, you can also use the app to book an engineer to manage your session and to book studio time at other Recordical Studios. 

Is the Recordical Studio at Reflection just for podcasting?

Podcast Room is just the name of the recording studio powered by Recordical, a membership for every kind of creator who uses audio. It is for podcasters, streamers, video influencers, musicians, voice actors, producers – anyone with a passion for high-quality content. 

How do  I access the Control Room?

For safety and security reasons, the Control Room can only be accessed by a Recordical Engineer. Upgrade your membership to book a Recordical Engineer to manage your session or provide virtual training sessions to help you improve the quality of your audio.

How do I get started?

View this guide to learn the essentials about recording high-quality audio at a Recordical Studio. 

Why do I need to provide a credit card on file?

Although your lease includes a free Recordical membership, we need a credit card on file for identity and security reasons, including damages or theft. You will never be charged for studio time at the Recordical Studio at Reflection as long as you are a current resident of Reflection. 

Can my co-hosts or collaborators use my membership?

No. Memberships are non-transferable, and each studio session must be reserved and attended/managed by the Recordical member whose name is on the account. That’s how we keep our community, resources, and equipment safe and in tip-top shape for all members. Not complying with this will result in a strike on your membership. See our Membership Agreement and Code of Conduct to read through our member policies and expectations. 

How do I contact customer support?

The fastest way to reach us is through the Customer Support Chat found at help.recordical.com. You can also email us at support@recordical.com.

How often can I book the Recordical Studio at Reflection? 

As much as you want! You can book as many sessions as you need, and your sessions can last as long as needed within the studio’s hours of operation. 

Do I need to bring anything with me to record at the studio? 

Yes! Read our Prep Checklist to make sure you’re prepared for every recording session.

Table of Contents