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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Recordical?

Recordical is a membership platform for audio creators. It is currently a digital-only membership that offers a full and growing slate of mini-courses, ebooks, workbooks, and live virtual events. In the near future, Recordical will offer a general membership that includes access to high-quality, self-service studios and smart equipment lockers for renting on-the-go recording equipment. Join the waitlist to request a Recordical Studio or Recordical Unboxed smart locker in your city.

Who is Recordical for?

Recordical is for every kind of creator who uses audio. Whether you consider yourself an audio creator or not, if audio is core to making your content shine, we do! It is for podcasters, streamers, video influencers, musicians, voice actors, producers – anyone with a passion for high-quality audio.

What does the Recordical Digital membership include?

The Recordical Digital membership includes access to our complete library of mini-courses, ebooks, and virtual events, and detailed insights on all things audio creation and growth. Some of the topics we cover include: monetization, growth and promotion, content creation, recording and mastering audio, and managing an audio project.

How much does the Recordical Digital membership cost?

The membership costs $44 per month for unlimited access to all digital content. We may host virtual speaker series from time to time that come at an additional cost to members.

Is any of the Recordical Digital content available for download?

Not currently. You can access them anytime via your Recordical member dashboard.

Does Recordical Digital offer a free trial period or sample content?

We are currently not offering a free trial period. However, you can get a taste of the Recordical Digital members-only content on our TikTok, Instagram, and our free blog.

How often is new content added to the membership, and can I access previously released content?

You can look forward to new mini-courses, ebooks, and live virtual events every month as a Recordical Digital member. We will also be expanding on our niche audio content by partnering with experts across voice acting, streaming, video, and more.

Recordical wins the Power Platform Award

at the 2024 NEXT Challenge for Media & Journalism! This award and accompanying grant from the Glen Nelson Center celebrates our mission to empower creators and transform the creator economy. Read more to see how this win propels us to new heights in supporting your creative journey!