How To Name A Podcast In 3 Easy Steps

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When it comes to your podcast, if you’re struggling with namer’s block, try this simple 3-step approach to spark an aha! moment. A podcast’s name is the first chance you have to capture potential listeners’ attention by conveying what the podcast is all about. No pressure, right?

Step 1: Start With Intention

Start by thinking through the story your podcast is set out to tell. What is the vision for your podcast? What is its purpose? What will it accomplish for your listeners? Does it have a brand behind it? What is that brand’s story? What are your values? What is the intent of this podcast? Now sort through these answers and create a list of words that fit into that description. And if none of those keywords resonate with you, fire up the handy-dandy thesaurus to dig for synonyms.

Step 2: Do the Research

Once you’re crystal clear on your intent, try to find comparable podcasts in the same genres and see which ones have higher ratings and reviews. Look at the names of the most successful or trending podcasts. Dive deep into their reviews to learn the language of listeners and some of the keywords that resonate with them. Add some of the most positive words to your “namestorm” list. Oh and P.S. – this is also a great way to know which names are taken by active or mega-popular shows so you can avoid an SEO nightmare.

Step 3: Name Your Podcast

You should now have a robust “namestorm” document started with all the answers to our prompting questions from Step 1, and a long list of words from Steps 1 and 2.  Make this document a creative, safe space where you write down all the potential names that come to mind. And remember, the key to any brainstorm (and especially a namestorm) is that there are no bad ideas.

Put every potential podcast name on this list, from the most creative or outlandish to the most predictable or palatable. Sometimes a silly or less exciting name idea becomes the inspiration for your final choice.

Hopefully, by now you have a solid few options. Now it’s time to pick a podcast name that aligns with industry best practices, including:

  • Make your podcast name short and sweet.
  • Make your podcast name easy to spell and pronounce.
  • Make your podcast name SEO friendly. If your podcast is about flowers, think about including the word “flowers” in the name.
  • Make sure your podcast name isn’t already taken, especially by a hugely popular podcast.
  • Don’t include expletives or offensive language in the podcast name unless that’s part of the strategy.
  • Avoid using the word “podcast.”
  • Test the name with friends or family who fit into your target audience.

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