Why Do You Need an Audio Engineer?

audio engineer

The audio industry is chock-full of self-starters, DIY-ers, and YouTube university graduates. From content planning to recording to audio editing, creators are more empowered than ever to do everything on their own. 

However, there comes a time in all areas of creation when you realize that, while you might be able to handle most things yourself, there are some things that people specialize in for a reason. Audio engineering is one of those things.

Whether you are new to or have experience with audio creation, it never hurts to get some professional assistance. Let’s talk about the incredible advantages of having the right sound engineer working on your project.

Who benefits from an audio engineer? 

Hiring an audio engineer isn’t the best option for every project or creator. 

For example, creators who like taking a hands-on approach to audio might prefer to pick up the skill on their own. Those hands-on creators usually have ample time and patience to teach themselves the art, science, and practice of audio engineering as they grow their projects.

However, if you’re a creator whose goal is to get going with high-quality productions as quickly as possible, you might benefit from an audio engineer. Creators like yourself might not be interested in figuring out the intimidatingly technical side of things and can afford professional audio engineering services. Recordical has made engineer add-ons easy and accessible by building them into our membership tiers. 

Audio creators from anywhere in the diverse audio landscape could require engineer input. A streamer might want to know how to mix and balance the audio from multiple input applications to single live stream output. A podcaster will probably need to address the problem of variable “loudness” standards if they want their audio to sound consistent across different audio platforms. Voice actors can tap into audio engineering ingenuity to give the voices of their characters some cool audible special effect. 

What Kind Of Questions Do Audio Engineers Commonly Answer? 

If you’ve never consulted an audio engineer before, your first question will probably be about the gear. What tools should you be buying, and what’s a good price for the tool? Is it finally time to get yourself the premium studio monitors you have been eyeing for months? How necessary is a direct inject box to the song you’re producing? 

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