How to Craft a Compelling Pitch 

Here we look at what it takes to craft a good pitch. If you want to learn more about how to choose sponsors to pitch, read How to Start Advertising on your Content

Every successful audio creator reaches a stage in their journey where they need more than just themselves to get behind their creative idea. This is when they start pitching their idea or audio to brands, organizations, and people who can support its growth. You might also find yourself at a place you want to work with collaborators or pitch people to guest on your show. The following guide covers the basics of all kinds of pitches. 

If you think about it, all of us are constantly pitching one thing or another to someone. From when we were younger and we pitched our parents for that one extra sweet to when we’re older and we pitch our bosses for a pay raise, it’s a thing that most of us do. 

Pitching is mostly a skill with art peppered throughout. The skill can be learned and honed through research. Art comes with time and practice.

So let’s get you started on the skill part, in hopes that we set you up for success for the artfulness of it. This guide covers the following topics: 

  1. What you need to know about your content and audience before you begin pitching. 
  2. What you need to know about who you’re pitching to and how to find it. 
  3. The components of a pitch template and how to write one.
  4. A sample pitch

Let’s get into crafting a pitch that is hard to say no to. 

Know your content

Start by having a clear idea of what your content is about. 

To create a compelling pitch, you’ll need to keep the following ready: 

  • Know your audience:
    • Who are your listeners? 
    • What are their online behavioral habits? 
    • Where do they spend their time online? 
    • What other content do they consume?
    • What do they think of your content? (Reviews, testimonials, and comments.) 
  • Know your metrics:
    • Streams, downloads, and/or listens
    • Growth rate and percentage, potentially over a period of 3 months or so, if relevant
  • Know how to describe your content concisely:

With these on hand, let’s get into the next phase.

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